Our outage hotline uses caller ID technology to quickly identify your account and service location, but only if we have your correct phone number(s) on file. No phone number means longer response and repair times. When you call TCEC to report an outage, the Cooperative’s automated computer system matches your phone number with your service address. It then references the database to determine which equipment all current outage reports have in common. It allows us to determine the location of outages faster and saves you time on the phone. Don’t wait. Update your phone number with TCEC before the storm!

Three Easy Ways to Update your Phone Number:

  1. Update your telephone number by logging into your TCEC account online and updating your profile.
  2. Call 850-973-2285 or 1-800-999-2285 to speak with a Member Services Representative during business hours or a Dispatcher after business hours to have your telephone number updated.