The Pre-Pay Program offered by Tri-County Electric Cooperative comes with some big “perks”:

  • NO Deposits
  • NO Reconnection Fees
  • Customized Pay Schedule
  • Convenient Payments
  • Electricity Consumption Monitoring

All managed by YOU!

Through the online member services portal, Tri-County Electric Cooperative members who choose this program can:

  • Get notifications,
  • Pay their bills when and where they want,
  • Be notified of low daily balance,
  • Receive disconnection alerts, and
  • Receive reconnection alerts.


Click here to download new member application            Click here to download the Pre-Pay Agreement

Would it be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments each month? If so, pre-pay may be right for you. Statistics indicate pre-pay electricity programs help lower electric consumption by 10–15 percent by increasing a member’s awareness of their usage patterns. Thus, any member interested in monitoring and lowering their electricity consumption could benefit from the pre-pay program.

Like many utility providers in America, Tri-County Electric may run a credit check on persons applying for new service. Under the traditional monthly billing system, applicants with a history of non-payment or other credit challenges are required to pay a larger security deposit to open their account. Many people find it difficult to come up with the money required for those deposits in the middle of moving, which is an expensive project in itself. The pre-pay program solves that problem by eliminating the need for a deposit. The money a member puts on their account can be used for electricity consumption immediately.

Similarly, members who have had their electricity disconnected will be able to reestablish service without having to pay a collection fee or additional deposits.

Through the online member services portal, Tri-County Electric members who choose this program can get notifications and pay their bills when and where they want. Members can be notified of low daily balance, disconnection, and reconnection via e-mail or text.

To sign up or switch your account to the pre-pay program, members can call Tri-County Electric at 1-800-999-2285.

Yes; you can switch to a pre-pay account even if you already have a traditional monthly billing account with Tri-County Electric. Any existing deposit will be applied to your outstanding balance and new pre-pay account.

In most cases, an outstanding balance or old debt can be spread over a period of time through a payment agreement. If a payment agreement is made, all money applied to the account will be split between the outstanding balance and future energy use. Seventy-five percent will be applied to new energy use, with the remaining 25 percent being applied to the past due balance.

The initial payment is $80.00. This includes a $25.00 service fee, $5.00 membership fee and a credit balance of $50.00.

There must be a credit balance at all times to maintain electric service. 

Yes, a daily basic facility charge is calculated in addition to the kWh hours consumed. This daily charge is designed to recover a portion of TCEC's fixed cost such as poles, wires, substations, etc. that are needed to provide power to your home, whether you consume that power or not. The basic facility charge is $1.06 a day.

No; pre-pay members will not receive a monthly bill. Members can access their account information via this website, in person, by telephone, or at any office location.

Pre-pay members can log into their account through the member service portal found here: You can also sign up for text or e-mail alerts for balance notifications.

Payments can be made at the member’s convenience by either visiting the online member service portal found here:—or any Tri-County Electric office location, or via telephone with e-check or credit card.

Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone or on this website.      

Members participating in the pre-pay program are not eligible for payment arrangements.

That is the beauty of this program: It is entirely up to you. Members can add any dollar amount they need or that fits into their budget. The only requirement is that you maintain a credit balance.

Payment is at the member’s discretion. Once your account reaches a zero balance, it is subject to immediate disconnection. If you do not purchase more power, the meter will be turned off. The minimum amount accepted to refill your pre-pay account is $20 plus any amount owed on the account at the time of reconnection. Once a payment is made and processed, power will be reconnected.

Payments made on our website, mobile app, or via the automated phone system at 1.800.999.2285 can be any dollar amount, 24 hours a day. However, payments made with a Member Service Representative either at a TCEC office or over the phone must be a minimum of $5, no matter the payment method.