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Capital Credits

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Co-op Membership Pays

Did you know you actually own Tri-County Electric Cooperative? As a member-owner, you are entitled to margins, also known as the Co-op’s profits. These are called capital credits and are returned to you in the form of a check or a billing credit. That’s because the Co-op uses that money to improve electrical infrastructure. When capital credits are returned to members, you are seeing the return on your investment. This is one of the benefits of being served by a non-profit utility.

For more information, contact Carol Timmons:
850-973-8033 or Email


Things a member should know:

  • Your capital credits are reserved for you even if you discontinue TCEC services. We will attempt to reach you at your last known address when refunds are issued.
  • To claim a check returned by mail, or request re-issue of a lost check, you must provide valid identification.
  • If you call to establish a new service in the future, tell us if you’ve previously been a member to keep our records current.


Frequently Asked Questions about Capital Credits



Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

TCEC makes every effort to ensure our members receive the Capital Credits they are due. To accomplish this, it is very important for TCEC to have your current mailing address. Many of the check are returned by the U.S. Post Office marked as undeliverable. If you see your name below, please call Tri-County Electric at 800-999-2285, ext. 203 to claim your check.



Allen, Dalton F III
Allen, Gary S
Allen, Pauline
Alley, Scott
Ammons, Mary
Anderson Chapel AME Church
Anderson Peat Organic Compos
Anderson, Robert R Jr
Andrews, William L
Archer, John R
Armstrong, William S
Arnold Bridges, Renee
Ashton, Sheri
Atwood, Cory T

B L Charboneau, Inc
Bailey, Clyde E
Batchler, Rob
Battey, Cheryl Lea
Beeman, H D Jr
Bell, Steven R
Bellamy, Sam
Bennett, Ardella
Bennett, Virgil
Bentley, Gerald W
Bevel, Aloise R
BJ Electric Company Inc
Blanton, Laura Ann
Blanton, Lester
Bowen, Charles F
Bowers, Kevin
Brantley, Georgia
Bravo, James
Brinson, James
Brock, Gary & Pam
Brown, Billy & Linda
Brown, Billy R
Brown, Gloria
Brown, Henry
Brown, Terry L
Bruner, John
Bryant, F E
Bryant, John David
Bunch, Ernest M
Burkhalter, Charles V
Burton, Wanda
Butler, Cecil
Butler, Gloria

C & T Logging
Calhoun, Dorothy
Candela, Ginger
Carlisle, Doris L
Carrabelle School
Carsewell, George
Carter, James R
Carter, Kaye
Cason, Oliver W
Chapman, Linda
Cherokee Smoke House
Chihuahua, Jesus
Chippen, Cheryl
Christy, Michael Anthony
Cina, Francis
Clark, Dave
Clark, Lynn
Clayton, Leslie
Clayton, W R
Clift, Billy W
Cochran, Ruby
Cockerham, Freddy O Jr
Collins, Michael
Colvin, Darrell & Laurie
Comstock, Billy
Cooper, Hilton
Corbin, Annie M
Crager, John A
Croom, Robert
Crowley, Mack
Cuffy, William & Pamela
Curry, Evelyn

Daniels, William
Davis, Benny
Davis, Cora
Davis, Harold
Davis, Stuart J
Delk, Harley
Delkamp, Junior
Delp, Christine
Dimick, Wendell E
Downing, James Ed
Duckett, Joe
Duckett, Roosevelt
Dunbar, Eddie

Edmondson, J M
Emory, Debra
Erdman, Alfred or Angela
Estrada, Reynaldo

Fleming, William
Fongeallaz, Steven & Ernest
Fouche, Robert
Freeman, Deanna
Frederick, Vic
Frith, Stephanie
Frost, H W or Deborah

Gallagher, Daniel W
Gallon, Reginald
Ganus, Linda
Garcia, Leland
Garner, Dorothy & William R
Gethsemane Bapt Church
Gibson, Helen M
Given, Willie
Golden, Joe D
Good, Dana
Goree, Mary C
Gottheld, Mae
Gramling, Michelle
Grant, John
Grantham, Mary
Gray, David O
Gustin, John

Hadley, Donna
Hall, Dexter J
Hall, Willie
Hamann, Rudolph
Hamilton, Dot
Hammonds, June
Hamrick, Brenda
Hanna, Hazel
Harris, Emma C
Harris, Helen E
Harris, Phillip W
Hartsfield, Charles
Hartsfield, Halene
Hastings, William
Haviland, Paul
Henderson, Wanda
Henry, Sandra R
Henshaw, Victor L
Hicks, L C
Hicks, Mike & Cheryl
Hines, Janet
Hoffman, Donna G
Holzapfel, Wayne L
Hook, Barbara
Household of Ruth
Hudson, Robert
Hughes, R P
Humphrey, Ray D
Hunger, Helen G
Hunter, Jesse L
Hutchins, John
Hutto, Tim

Isreal, Rhonda
Ivey, Vernon R

Jackson, Dixy
Jackson, Ginnia
Jackson, Sam W Jr
Jefferson County Grants
Jenkins, Mildred
Jobe, George
Johnson, Betty J
Johnson, Carey
Johnson, Darrien
Johnson, Frank B
Johnson, Lola R
Jordan, Lawanda
Juarez, Leonel

Karp, Jack
Keeling, Harvey
Keith, Gregory & K Robertson
Kersey, Rex

L T F Inc
Lambert, Charlie
Land, Dean E
Land, Irene
Laurin, Emile
Leachman, Dianne
Leago, Lassie
Lee, Rachel
Lemus, Jacqueline
Lenhart, Gene C
Lewis, Alex
Lewis, John
Lewis, Margaret
Leyland, James Walter
Lindsey, R A
Lineweaver, William
Link, Bobby
Linton, Mark
Lioce, Nicholas
Livingston, Roderick E
Louk, Merle
Lugo, Easter
Lynn, Robert K

Maloni, Chris
Markey, Charles W
Matthews, Ginger K
McFadden, Zelda
McKinney, Tony
McLeod Construction Co
Meadows, Harold
Mejia, Zenarda
Melchor, Saul Cruz
Merton, Bernice E
Mickel, Tracy
Mills, Dennis E
Mincy, Mike
Mock, Sharyl
Montgomery, Debra
Montgomery, Larry E
Moore, Chanda M
Moore, Grady
Morgan, John
Morrissey, Laurel & John Jr
Moury, Clarence
Muckenfuss, Julian A
Mulkey, B E
Murray, Katherine M
Myers, Jason

Nettles, Randy

Odell, Karla M
Odom Hardwood Inc
Oquinn, Charles L
Ortega, Francisco
Osteen, Sandra

Palladino, Decca
Palmer, Eva Belle
Parker, Angie
Peeks, Leroy D Jr
Pennington, Roger
Picard, Darlene
Pinesett, Ida Mae
Pratt, Rosetta
Proctor & Gamble Cellulose
Puckett, John P

Quiett, Delbert C
Quintanilla, Juan

Randell, James H Jr
Ratcliff, Kenneth Wayne
Redding, Ernest
Reeves, Berry M
Reisler, Rex & Sharon
Reynolds, Betty L
Richards, Lila H
Ritter, J B
Roach, Gene
Robinson, Janice M
Robinson, Joy
Rockhill, Dorothy
Rodriguez, Antonio
Rodriquez, Martin
Rogers, Rob
Royals, Darrell W
Rubio, Reyes
Rudd, A F
Russell, Kelly
Rutherford, Joe

Sabin, Tosh Anna
Sampson, Wade
Sands, Elaine
Sauer, William
Saul, Carol
Scheuerman, Jerry & Pat
Schwartz, William D
Scurry, Jeff
Seabrooks, John
Sharpe, Frank
Sharpe, Larry
Sikes, Sam
Silver, Jeff A
Sirmans General Store Co
Skidmore, Faye
Slaughter, Benny
Slaughter, Michelle
Smith, Gil
Smith, Tom P
Something Special Inc
Stafford, Martha
Starling, Scott
Stedcke, William
Stevens, William
Stokely, Gail
Stone, Henry T
Stoneking, Delores
Stormes, Joseph B
Stover, A C
Strickland, Earl
Strickland, James E
Sturdivant, William
Suelter, Mike & Felecia
Surles, Sherri
Sweet, Beth D

Tamayo, George
Taylor Co Improvement Club
Taylor, Cindy
Taylor, Steve K
Taylor, Wyatt
Terry, Fonda
Thomas, Harley B
Three D Builders
Tillotson, Gary S
Tingle, Ben
Tire Recyclers of America
Torres, Adam
Tourangeau, A W Jr
Travis, Albert
Turner, Billy
Tuten, Darlene
Tyler, Vanessa L

Val Disole Food Products
Varner-Bass Enterprises
Vincent, Price
Volks, Richard

Wagner, Les & Pat
Wainwright, Brent
Waldrep, Royce
Walker, Daniel E
Walker, E Jack
Walker, George (Mr & Mrs)
Watson, Collis Jr
Watson, Joyce
Webb, Steve & Julie Nielson
Weekly, Pam
Wersing, Steve & Sherry
West, Kenneth
Whiddon, Michelle
White, Arthur
White, Rhonda R
Whitehead, Paul
Wilcox, Glenda L
Williams, Brandy
Williams, Calvin
Williams, David
Williams, Frankie
Williams, Joe B Jr
Williams, Keith
Wilson, Kathy
Wilson, Ricky D
Wireman, Russell
Wirtemburg, Kurt
Wisham, Sherry
Wolff, R A
Wood, Clint
Woodard, Michael A
Wright, Vanessa
Wysong, Sarah

Young, Angela

Zuniga, Lupe

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What are Capital Credits?

Capital Credits reflect each member’s ownership in the Cooperative. Tri-County Electric Cooperative does not earn profits in the sense the investor-owned utilities earn profits for their investors. Instead, any margins or revenues related to the sale of electric service remaining after all expenses have been paid are returned to the Cooperative’s members in proportion to their electrical usage.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative uses the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method.

What happens if a member or former member fails to claim their check?

If any member or former member fails to claim any check representing retirement of capital credits within two years after payment has been attempted and 60 days has expired from the date of publication in the Cooperative’s newsletter or in a local newspaper, such failure shall constitute an irrevocable assignment and gift of such credits to the Cooperative. All donated funds go to unclaimed capital then, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, up to 25% of all such funds may be paid to the Cooperative’s Energizing Education Scholarship Fund or a qualified educational charity as selected by the Board of Trustees.

Distribution of Patronage Capital of Deceased Patrons

Effective June 1, 2013, the appropriate representative of a deceased Cooperative member’s estate can select one of two options for processing allocated capital credits:

  1. Continue to receive distribution of capital credits at full value during the regular retirement cycle, or
  2. Receive a lump sum discounted capital credit refund. The discount rate will reflect the present value of an amount that would otherwise be received in the future to reflect the time value of money.

What happens in case of a deceased member?

TCEC bylaws/ policy provide for the option of an early retirement of the capital credits of a deceased member to his or her estate. Representatives of a deceased member’s estate can choose whether to receive the deceased member’s capital credits in the form of a present valued lump sum payout or to wait and receive the monies as they are retired as part of the normal, non-discounted retirement process of the Cooperative. Upon request by the appropriate documentation, the cooperative will pay the discounted, net present value of the capital credits to the estate of the deceased member. The amount of such distributions will be calculated using a discount rate that equals the Cooperative’s weighted average cost of capital and taking into account the date that the distribution would have occurred. Discounting provides a fair way to recognize special circumstances while continuing to treat members equally. If the discount option is exercised, the payment shall be final and binding in all regard.


What should I do if I receive a check in the wrong name or in the name of a deceased member?

Contact Member Services at 1-800-999-2285, or stop by one of our offices in Madison, Jefferson or Taylor counties.

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