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The Touchstone Energy Co-op Connections Program


Co-op Connections

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Co-op Connection’s card program?

The Co-op Connections card provides Tri-County Electric Cooperative members with discounts at local and national businesses. The hard plastic card is similar in appearance to a credit or debit card. Unlike those cards, however, the Connections card is not swiped at a register. Instead, the member shows the card at a business and receives a discount that has been pre-determined by the business owner. The card also provides discounts on prescription medications at pharmacies.

Where can I use the card?

Anywhere that Co-op Connections cards are taken. More than 350 electric cooperatives all across the United States participate in this program, with thousands of businesses offering discounts. More businesses are being added every day. The benefits of your card are local, but also national - so the cards can be used while visiting other states or other parts of Florida. Look for window and/or register stickers to identify participating businesses.

Where do I find a list of benefits?

Go to and start clicking on the many national benefits listed. You can even search for local businesses in specific areas not listed in the national benefits page. If you do not have Internet access, a list of local businesses can be obtained from Tri-County Electric. Call 1-800-999-2285, 850-973-2285, or stop by one of our district offices in Madison, Greenville, Monticello, Perry or Steinhatchee.

Businesses which I frequently shop are not on the list. What can I do to get them to participate?

Mention the program to your local business and tell them to call Tri-County Electric Cooperative if they are interested. You may also contact Tri-County Electric to let us know there is a business you feel should be part of the program. (It may be that the business has not yet been contacted about the program). Since Tri-County’s service area is large, the program will take some time before all communities are reached. In the mean time, mention the program to your local business and invite them to contact the co-op and enroll, at no cost. 

I lost my card. Can I receive a replacement card?

Yes. Members can contact Tri-County Electric Cooperative and a replacement will be issued.

Why is Tri-County Electric doing the program?

The Cooperative’s commitment to members goes beyond its mission to balance rates with safety, reliability, service quality and the financial strength of the cooperative. We’re always looking for ways to provide value to members and the communities we serve, whether it’s through Energizing Education, member ambassador meetings or participation in local events. The Co-op Connections program has proven successful and valuable to members at hundreds of other cooperatives across the nation, so Tri-County Electric is excited to offer this program locally to its members as well.

Tri-County Electric’s Co-op Connections® card provides members with a real money-saving tool—that’s value! The Co-op Connections® card program is a direct membership benefit of belonging to a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative.

How does the pharmacy discount work?

One of the most valuable features of the Co-op Connections® Card is the Pharmacy discount.

The information on the back of the card should be recognized by more than 60,000 chain and independent pharmacies in the program, including Walgreen’s, Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart, Target and CVS. You may also find participating pharmacy locations at Showing this card when you purchase prescription medications can save you between 10 and 60 percent.

Although the card/key fobs cannot be used in conjunction with insurance and are not intended as a substitute for insurance, members may use their card or key fob to purchase prescriptions not covered by their insurance plans at a discounted rate. Most local pharmacies may want to participate in the connections program, although some may not.

If your card is declined at a national pharmacy, please contact Tri-County Electric immediately so we can report the incident to Touchstone Energy for further investigation of possible contract breach. We will need your name, date of pharmacy service, the pharmacy name, pharmacy address, pharmacy phone number, prescription number/name of drug and whether you want the Rx refund.

Since July 2011, the Co-op Connections card has saved card holders nearly $34 million just in prescription discounts since the program began, and that number continues to grow daily. 

How much does it cost?

This is a complimentary service provided to members by Tri-County Electric Cooperative. The cost of the cards is minimal per membership, which was budgeted and Board-approved in 2011 in an effort to make the program available for members in 2011 and beyond. Co-op Connections is just another benefit to being a member of Tri-County Electric, your local electric cooperative.  

How can businesses sign up?

We have an exciting opportunity for your business! I’d like to invite you to join us in a member benefits initiative, the Co-op Connections Program. This program gives you the opportunity to offer our cooperative members valuable discounts, and the only cost to you is the incentive you create to entice our members to patronize your business. In exchange for your participation, we promote your business and discount offers to our members at no cost to you. This is done through our web site, in our company newsletters and on Facebook. The program is designed to benefit your business and our members.

Discover all the ways you can save at

Contact Kaitlynn Culpepper with any additional questions or to sign your business up today: Call 850-973-2285, Ext. 206, or e-mail

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